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Non-oil lubricated bearings mainly composed of what material?

1. Metal materials, such as high-strength brass, bronze inlaid graphite bearing.

2. The porous metal material (powder metallurgy materials).

3. The non-metall


How to identify the quality of the merits of the bearing

Identify the quality of the equipment bearing, we usually from the following aspects:
1, the packaging is clear
Under normal circumstances, the regular manufacturers of brand has its own specialized designers external packaging design, production condit


How long is the life of TCB oil-lubricated bearings?

A: Because no bearing life cannot be affected by the actual working conditions, such as the work load, speed, temperature and comprehensive environmental factor


What is the advantage of TCB no oil lubricated bearings?

No less oil lubrication oil lubrication apply to the oil or fuel is difficult to place, it can be used without maintenance or less maintenance, but also eliminates the risk caused due to insufficient supply.


What is a non-oil lubricated bearings?

A: The oil-lubricated bearings, as the name suggests means before or during use without additional lubricant can operate normally, and play a good anti-friction bearing effect.

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