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TCB60 Steel Bearings

TCB60 Steel Bearings

TCB60 Classification

TCB 600

TCB600 wrapped steel bushing is made of high quality low-carbon steel or stainless steel with special technique. The surface can be carburizing to improve the hardness. It is widely used to automobile application and heavy-duty machinery etc.

TCB 602

TCB602 is made of material C45 and 40Cr , with cross oil groove machined inside of the bearing. After heat treatment, it can be improved of the hardness and wear resistance. It is widely applied in excavators, cranes and some crucial parts of the construction ...

TCB 603

TCB603 spring steel bushing, can also be called tension bushing. It is wrapped bushing made of 50CrV4 or 65Mn with serration joint by special technique. It has high intensity, high bearing capacity and high shock resistance. The special tension of spring steel ...

TCB 604

TCB604 is made of material 42CrMo, with net oil groove inside of bearing, can remove the lubricating blind spot on inner surface. It's of high anti-impact pressure and wear resistance and good lubricanting storage of oil. It can be applied in excavators, loaders ...

TCB 605

TCB605 is made of material C20 or 20Cr. With spherical oil scoket and groove, it can remove the lubricating blind spot on inner surface. The widespread oil grooves and rich oil storege can prolong the interval of filling. The bearing has high load capacity, wear ...

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