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TCB70 Spherical Plain Bearing

TCB70 Spherical Plain Bearing
The spherical plain bearing is composed of an inner ring with an outer spherical surface. It is generally used for low speed of pendular movement (i.e. angular motion). Because the sliding surface is a spherical surface shaped, it can also be used for tilting motion (i.e. aligning movement) in a certain angle range. Even the?nonconcentricity?between?the?supporting?shaft?and?the?shaft?shell?hole?is?bigger, it?can?still?work?normally.


The spherical plain bearing is widely used in engineering hydraulic cylinder, forging machine tool industry, construction machinery, automation equipment, automobile shock absorber, water conservancy machinery etc. The spherical plain bearing is composed of the inner and outer rings of the contact surface of the spherical sliding surface. According to the different structure and type, it can bear radial load, axial load, or the combined load of radial and axial at the same time.

TCB70 Classification

TCB 701

Outer ring with single split in axial direction
Lubrication grooves and holes in the outer and inner rings of type ES.
Outer ring of type-2rs with two seals...

TCB 702

Separable outer and inner rings.
Lubrication grooves and holes in the outer rings.
Both outer and inner rings are properly phosphorlylate-treated.

TCB 703

Bearing with a stretching rod, stretching rod with rigth or left-hand female thread.
It is made up of a spherical plain radial bearing of type GE???E or GE???ES and rod body.
To plate zinc on the surface of rod end, the housing of type SI???ES with a lubriction hole or grease cup.

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