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TCB40 Oil Sintered Bearing

TCB40 Oil Sintered Bearing
TCB40 series is made of bronze or iron powder, pressed in high pressure by moulds, and sintered in high temperature and then impregnated in oil by vacuum. It’s widely used in household appliances, electric tools, textiles machinery, chemical machinery and automobile industry, etc.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Performance/Material Unit Bronze 90% Cu 10% Sn Iron 99.9%
Density g/cm3 6.4-6.8 5.7-5.9
Static load N/mm2 200 500
Dynamic load N/mm2 18 13
Max linear speed m/s 7 5
Volume of oil impregnation % 22 22
Hardness HB 25 35
Friction coefficient μ 0.03 0.025
Traction resistance N 10-20 18-26
Elongation % 1-2.5 2-4
Max thermal temperature -20-+120 -20-+120

TCB40 Classification

TCB 401

TCB401 sintered bronze powder bushing is mold pressed under high pressure and then sintered under high temperature, and oil is soaked into the homogeneously spreaded tiny pores of the metal under vacuum. This bearing can withstand dry condition in medium speed and low load for short time...

TCB 402

TCB402 sintered iron powder bearings can protect shaft with oil. They're anti-friction same as bronze powder bearings under low load. They're widely used in textile machines, electric tools and absorbers of auto and motorcycle. When being static, hey can be acted as orientation bushing.

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