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2016-09-10 09:57:04

The using range for the oil-free self-lubricating bearings is wide

Oil-free self-lubricating bearings are non-oil means less fuel without refueling, the goal of our research is to ensure that bearing this condition also showed good performance and extend its life as much as possible. It works in the early stages of operation, the solid lubricant bearing surface due to the friction between each other to form a transfer film and cover for the wear parts, eventually forming a solid lubricant film in order to achieve the purpose of self-lubricating, it cut off the workpiece direct contact between, so well protected against wear parts extend the life of the bearing and the workpiece. Therefore, the bearings used in our lives is a wide variety of uses for an additional oil supply device in a special environment, it can reduce the operating costs of the bearing, reduce equipment downtime and maintenance, but also to mechanical maintenance more convenient. So now it is used in light industrial machinery, heavy machinery, construction machinery and other fields is a lot, it is perfect in our lives performance.

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